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Label test cordial bottles for Veggie Patch, Southampton, UK
Now’s your chance to have your say on some future branding at Veggie Patch.
We’re upgrading our labels both to make them more waterproof and to make sure we can include clearly the ever growing list of things you legally have to put on a food label.

We’re testing various materials and sizes at the moment but also working on some new designs.

Have a look at the photo showing several of the designs. The ones that don’t show the ingredients on the front have them written on the side.

We’d like to know which label(s) you like best.  Lets say lets say the bottles are A-G starting from the left hand side – pick away and let us know and if you want to say why that would be helpful too.

Email you thoughts at or comment on our facbook page where there are more pics. Just click on the facebook logo on our website or go to