Pick a pearWe make all our produce ourselves from the freshest ingredients

Our ethos is simple. We produce delicious cordials, chutneys, condiments and herbal teas from nature’s bounty.

We use local and seasonal ingredients wherever possible. Some of it we grow ourselves, some of it we forage and the rest we buy from local growers and suppliers so that you can be sure that whatever you taste hasn’t cost the earth. We hand-make our products in small batches to maintain freshness and flavour.

As we only make what’s in season, so once it’s gone, it’s gone but you can be sure that if our elderflower cordial has finished something just as delicious will replace it. The great thing about chutneys, preserves and cordials is that they will keep fresh without the need for artificial chemical additives, it’s the old fashioned way of keeping produce going for longer.


Veggie Patch was started by us Jill and Ian. We’re keen gardeners and home produce enthusiasts. No we don’t live an idyllic setting, surrounded by fields, (though that would be nice). We live and grow or sources our ingredients in the heart of the city, proving you don’t need to have a 6 acre small-holding to eat great food and have an eco-friendly lifestyle.

We love ‘doing our bit’ so if you buy a jar or bottle from us and return it to us, we’ll give you 20p off your next purchase for each clean and empty bottle or jar you bring back. Also if you have a tree or bush laden with fruit which you can’t make use of and would otherwise go to waste, let us know and we might be able to collect some of the fruit and pay you in Veggie Patch products. What could be better than that?