Nettles used in Veggie Patch nettle cordial

We make all sorts of loose leaf herbal teas throughout the year using our dehydrator which quickly dries leaves, flowers and fruit to lock in the freshness for as long as possible. Some of our teas are available for most of the year such as nettle and dandelion whereas others such as our fruit leaf teas like raspberry and blackcurrant leaf are more seasonal.

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You can buy individual packs at our events. Online, due to postage prices and to give you the best value for money we sell our teas in a multi pack of 4 for just £5 including delivery. Each single pack makes approximately 10 cups and we include a free resuable tea bag with the multi pack of 4 to get you started.

There are reportedly lots of health benefits for drinking herbal teas and you can find plenty of detail about them on the internet but we like to think the main reason people drink our teas is because they taste good!

To make: Use one teaspoon of the tea in an infuser or the reusable tea bag pour on boiling water and steep for around 4 to 5 minutes, depending how strong you like it.




Magnolia petal,

Raspberry leaf

Lemon and mint

Please choose which flavours you’d like when ordering but also include a substitute in case any are out of stock, due to the seasonal nature of our tea supply. Please fill out the information in the ‘flavours’ section below. To buy just click the Paypal link. This will allow you to buy using a credit or debit card or a Paypal account if you have one.

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