Ian is Veggie Patch’s chief forager! He loves nothing better than to get out in the open air finding fresh and unusual ingredients to add to our delicious chutneys, condiments and cordials.

The Wonders of Wild Garlic

In the spring, a carpet of green covers the forest floor. If you’re on a country walk and you notice a wonderful aroma of garlic, look for the dainty white flowers and the lush pointed leaves, the chances are you’ll have found your own secret supply of this wonderful herb.


Glorious Gorseflowers

The distinctive yellow flowers of the thorny gorseflower bush are all over the countryside. The petals have a wonderful aroma of coconut and they taste very sweet, especially when used in our gorseflower cordial. Ian goes on a gorseflower walk to pick some flowers for our latest batch of this seasonal drink.

Magnificent Magnolias

Who knew you could eat magnolia petals? We did and luckily there’s a giant magnolia tree in the Veggie Patch garden. Ian shares the secrets of magnolia whether you enjoy them fresh off the tree or in one of our products.